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“In healthcare services, you may have only a few critical minutes to diagnose a patient and start a precise, recommended treatment.” “It's impossible for any person to remember how each of those diseases clinically represent, because each patient can show differentpattern.” “No one can be a diagnostic genius due to vast diversity of the medicine field; so, we need some decision supporting tools that are handy for guidance at any given time.This software is intended to analyze patient data generated by a medicaldevice to make better clinical judgment and monitoring of the patients. This Software incorporates dosage and interaction algorithms for almost all medical conditions. This software is designed and intended for use by patients for guidance and support regarding their illness. Medical ailment software is a real-time diagnostic tool built on web interface which assists and provides physicians with timely and relevant information concerning hundreds of illnesses. It is planned to distribute provisionally accepted opinion at no cost to doctors and medical organizations in areas where this type of resource is most needed such as impoverished, developing regions, and rural clinics. An initial version of the software and associated database of medical information is now available for general use after validation.