Organ Problem Classification Nature Tumuor Ailment
CERVIX Female Genital Tract and Breast Mixed epithelial and mesenchymal tumours BENIGN adenofibroma
Cancer Incidence NA
Cancer Prevalance NA
Cancer Genetic NA
Cancer Cytopathological Finding Not helpful
Cancer Histopathological Finding Adenofibroma is a benign papillary neoplasm composed of fronds lined by benign epithelium that is usually glandular in type. The epithelium may be cuboidal, columnar, ttenuated, ciliated or mucinous.
Immunihisto Chemistry Not helpful

Cancer Chemotherapy



Cancer Radiotherapy

 N A

Cancer Diet Well balanced diet rich in vegetables & fruits and low fat diet.
Cancer Reference PEREZ 6TH EDITION PAGE 1382-1392 PEREZ 6TH EDITION PAGE 1382-1392