Region Incubation Period Period of communicability Modes of Transmission Sign and Symptoms Control Measures &/or Public Health Response Reference
Whole Body Time from infection to positive HIV antibody test is 1-3 month. Disease progression from infection to AIDS is variable less than 1 year to 15 days or more Ingected persons are cousidered infected for life even in absence of symptoms. For HIV infection, person to person by (1) Sexual contact (2)expesure to infected blood sharing needs or secining fransfusion with HIV infected blood (3) Mother is infact during pregnacey or at birth or through breast feeding. Multiple clinical presntations see most recent edition of control of commomicalsle diseases Manual by D. Heyman for signs and symptoms. Education with an emphises on educating thoses at highest sick about how to present HIV transmission and encouraging person at sislc to be tested infection control procedures for handling of body flinds and human blood & blood products. Pro Who (2008), Priority interventions HIV/AIDS Prevention treatment and care in the health sector ,August 2008,who HIV/AIDS Department .