Region Incubation Period Period of communicability Modes of Transmission Sign and Symptoms Control Measures &/or Public Health Response Reference
Whole Body 13-21 days usually 14-16 days Usually 1-2 days proror to rash to 5 days after rash or until all lessions have crusted over. Highly contagious person person by direct contact droplet or airbozne secretions. Generalises itclyrash with small fever filled niiccles, mild fever. Enclude from school day care workplace until nesicles are day, 15 days pecommended susceptible indimiduals secience a dose of naricella vaccine. Routine immisation at 12-15 months of age and again just before adimission 15 school. Weller, Thamas H,(1977) in Viral infections of humans : Epidemiology and Contral Evans Alfred ,set al (eds) 2nd ed.)