Region Incubation Period Period of communicability Modes of Transmission Sign and Symptoms Control Measures &/or Public Health Response Reference
Whole Body 45-180 days usually 60-90 days From weeks before onset hirongle clinical illness and nariable peried after made (chromically infected persons vemain infections) By percutancons introduction of blood parducts or blood contaminated secrtions containg hepatites B using direct contact of mucons membranes to infected blood or secretions serval tranmission. Loss of appetite malaise, nausea, mounting abdominal pain, jamdice clronic carriers are at a sisle of airhosis and fever cancel. Exclude from school, daycare workplace until acute illness is over practice universal precautions and proper disposal of blood of blood contaminated equopment and material rontine immisation of all children 0-18 year of age and high sisle a Who (2012) weekly Epidemiological record No.28-29,13th July 2012