Region Incubation Period Period of communicability Modes of Transmission Sign and Symptoms Control Measures &/or Public Health Response Reference
Whole Body 7-18 days from emposuse to ouset of fever arrenage of 14 days from emposure to rash ouset rarely as long as 19-21 days. From ouset of respiratory symptons, usually about 4 days before rsh ouset until fover days after rash appears. Person to person by droplet spread less commorrly byt airborne spread or contact with articles freshly soiled. Congh, fever runny nose red malery eyes, generalised red blotched rash that begains on the face, then becomes genralised may appear very sick. Exclude from school.daycare work place until smelling has subsided, usually 5 days confirm diagnosis by nasopharyngeal PCR. Contact investiation in unmize susceptible contacts or enclude as soon as directed by health department. Routine imm Fovbes ,J.A (1969) .J.Dis .child ,118:5