Region Incubation Period Period of communicability Modes of Transmission Sign and Symptoms Control Measures &/or Public Health Response Reference
Whole Body Poorly difined incubation period. 7-14 days or longer Unknown Sexual contact with infected person Multiple clinical presentations refer to printing or sexully Transmitted discase summary chart praouced by the cdc and controt of commum cable diseases manual by D. Heymann Prenetion education. Early diagnosis Interuens case and refer sen partness for enamination and treatment rouline screening of sexully acline women by third U.S. preventure sevices task force. Diagnosis and treatment of chlaenydie trachomatis infection April 15,2006-American Family phygician , Retrieved,2010-10-30.Belland R,Ojcivs DM, Byrne G1(2004)." Chlanydie".Nat.Rav Miuobiol 2(7): 530-1.