Isoprenaline (Isoproterenol) is a Medicine belongs to Cardiovascular drugs group whose information about Brand can be referenced from   Book : Martindale    Page : 1412   Edition : 38  

  ►   Brandname : Autohaler, Isuprel, Medihaler-Iso
  ►  Strength : Injection with 0.2 mg/ml.  Injection with 0.02 mg/ml.  Inhalation Solution with .  inhalation aerosol with .  Tablet with

Reference of this Medicine for its Strength can be taken from   Book : Basic & Clinical pharmacology    Page : 148   Edition : 12   Martindale    Page : 1412   Edition : 38  
A Route of administration in pharmacology and toxicology is the path by which a drug, fluid, poison, or other substance is taken into the body. Routes of administration are generally classified by the location at which the substance is applied. Common examples include oral and intravenous administration.

  ►  Route of administration : Oral, IM, IV, SC, sublingual, inhalation, intracardiac injection
Reference :-   Book : Martindale    Page : 1412   Edition : 38  

Dosing of Medicine differ in Adult & Pediatrics ↓

Adult Dose

S.No Ailment   Route   Dose Min   Dose Max   Unit   Dosage Form   Frequency   Additional Info
1 Cardiovascular disorders s.c/ i.m 200 micrograms Injection
2 Cardiovascular disorders Slow IV infusion 0.5 5 micrograms/minute Injection In emergency.

Ref :-  Book : Martindale    Page : 1412   Edition : 38  

Pediatric Dose

S.No Ailment   Age Min   Age Max   Weight ( Kg ) Route   Dose Min   Dose Max   Unit   Dosage Form   Frequency  Additional Info  

Ref :- Book :
►  Side Effect : Tachycardia, Cardiac arrhythmia, palpitations, Hypotension, Tremor, Headache, Sweating, Facial flushing, Swelling of parotid gland, Anxiety, Restlessness, Insomnia, Confusion, irritability, Psychotic states, Dyspnoea, Anorexia, Nausea, Vomiting, Prolonged use of sublingual tablets may also cause severe damage to the teeth due to the acidic nature of the drug.
Ref :-   Book : Martindale    Page : 1412   Edition : 38.   Martindale    Page : 1412,1508   Edition : 38.  

►  Drug Interaction : Drug interaction of Isoprenaline (Isoproterenol) is with Cardiac Glycosides, Potassium-depleting diuretics, ergot alkaloids , Corticosteroid , alpha agonists,  Digoxin , Theophylline , Aminophylline , Oxytocin , Epinephrine (adrenaline)
Ref :-   Book : Martindale    Page : 1412,1508   Edition : 38.   Martindale    Page : 1412   Edition : 38.  

  ►    Mechanism of Drug Drug Interaction :  Due to the risk of arrhythmias, isoprenaline should not be used with other potent beta1 agonists such as adrenaline. .Interactions may also occur between sympathomimetics and drugs that have similar or opposing effects through non-adrenergic mechanisms. Sympathomimetics with central actions may potentiate the effects of CNS stimulants, while the vasoconstrictor and pressor effects of alpha agonists may be enhanced by drugs with similar effects, such as ergot alkaloids or oxytocin. Beta2-mediated hypokalaemia may be potentiated by other drugs that cause potassium loss, including corticosteroids, potassium-depleting diuretics, and aminophylline or theophylline; patients given high doses of beta2 agonists with such drugs should have their plasma- potassium concentration monitored. Hypokalaemia may also contribute to the increased susceptibility to cardiac arrhythmias caused by digoxin and other cardiac glycosides.
Ref :-   Book : Martindale    Page : 1412,1508   Edition : 38.  

►  Contraindication : Angina pectoris
Ref :-   Book : Martindale    Page : 436   Edition : 37.  
  ►  Mechanism of Action :   Isoprenaline is a sympathomimetic that acts almost exclusively on beta-adrenergic receptors. It has a powerful stimulating action on the heart and increases cardiac output, excitability, and rate; it also causes peripheral vasodilatation and produces a fall in diastolic blood pressure and usually maintains or slightly increases systolic blood pressure
Ref :-   Book : Martindale    Page : 1412   Edition : 38.  

Pathway of DIETARY Product

​   ► Act.Comp / Nutrient / Food / Herb as follows :- NA

DIETARY Substance Interactions

​   ► This Medicine interact with :- NA

ContraIndication DIETARY Substance

​   ► This Medicine contraindicate with :- NA

►   Route of Elimination :   Renal
Ref :-   Book : Martindale    Page : 1412   Edition : 38.  

►    Plasma Half-life :   Min value :-   NA    Max value :-   NA

►    Peak Plasma Concentration :   Min value :-   NA    Max value :-   NA