Region Type of virus Transmission Route Incubation Period Source of Infection Sign Symptom Complication Virulence Factor Dif. Diagnosis Epidemiology Prophylaxis
Bacterial infections Mycobacterium leprae , Mycobacterium mrium Nasal mucosa , Inoculation through skin , Soil transmission 2-5 years Na Hypopigmented macuel, motro never involvement muscle weakness, Wasting , fascial paralysis , exposure keratitis Nasal symptoms-Anosmia ,crust formation , blood stained nasaldischarge ,atrophy of distal phalanges Hypopigments macule, motor never involment muscle weakness , Wasting ,fascial paralysis , exposure keratitis Nasal symptoms -Anosmia, crust formation ,blood stained nasal discharge ,atrophy of distal phalanged. BCG Vaccine