Region Type of virus Transmission Route Incubation Period Source of Infection Sign Symptom Complication Virulence Factor Dif. Diagnosis Epidemiology Prophylaxis
VIRAL INFECTIONS Variola Virus By inhalation 11 days ( 8 - 14 ) Na *Malaise, fever ,aches,prostration * Skins lesions -(characteristic centrifugal distribution ) Papules - Macules - Blisters - Scab- Local scar ( after detatchment of scabs ) Abndant on face, hands & feet less on trunk *Malaise ,fever ,aches, prostration ,* Skins lesions- (charcteristic centrifugal distribution ) Papules - Macules -Blisters -Scab - Local - scar (after detatachement of scabs ) Abundant on face , hands & feet but less on trunk Almost all member states of WHO had officially discontinued compulsory vaccination by 1982