Region Type of virus Transmission Route Incubation Period Source of Infection Sign Symptom Complication Virulence Factor Dif. Diagnosis Epidemiology Prophylaxis
Japanese Encephalitis Group B Arbovirus ( Flavivirus ) Transmitted by Culicine mosquitoes 5 to 15 days Na *Prodromal stage - fever , headache, GI disturbances , lethargy , malaise * Acute encephalitis stage - high fever nuchal rigidity ,focal ,CNS - signs convulsions, dystonia, ocular palsies, hemiplegia, paraplegia, EPS *Prodromal stage - fever , headache, GI disturbance , lethargy , malaise *Acute encephalitis stage - high fever ,nuchal rigidity ,focal CNS signs , convulsions , dystonia , ocular palsies, hemiplegia, paraplegia, EPS Inactivated mouse brain derived vaccine using Nakayma strain