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Health is wealth, and so it becomes a serious matter of concern when fact sheets show how uncountable diagnostic errors block the flow of good medical treatments in the healthcare industry. As such, we have taken a commendable step ahead in conceptualizing the idea of a premium software called KNOWMED, which is meant to act as an artificial intelligence tool for doctors, enabling them to diagnose and treat a patient's condition much more accurately than could ever have been possible through trials and errors. This real-time web-based platform renders instant help in emergency medicine, but there are other advantages as well, such as answering diversified health queries of medical students, patients, and even general public. KNOWMED displays an organized body of research-based medical information, with inputs from experts in the medical field. It can also be linked with MedSense(The Hospital Information System) to be accessible to doctors in OPD, IPD and Emergencies as well, providing them with reference-ready information to deal with their patients in the best possible ways.