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Norgestrienone is a Medicine belongs to group whose properties about Brand can be referenced from   Book : Martindale    Page : 2330   Edition : 37, Martindale    Page : 2330   Edition : 37,

  ►   Brandname : Planor,Ogyline

  ►  Doseform : with   ,

Reference of this Medicine for its Strength can be taken from   Book : Martindale    Page : 2330   Edition : 37,
A Route of administration in pharmacology and toxicology is the path by which a drug, fluid, poison, or other substance is taken into the body. Routes of administration are generally classified by the location at which the substance is applied. Common examples include oral and intravenous administration.

  ►  Route of administration : Oral,
Reference :-   Book : Martindale    Page : 2330   Edition : 37,

  ►  Indication/uses : hormonal contraceptive,
Reference :-   Book : Martindale    Page : 2230   Edition : 37,
Dosing of Medicine differ in Adult & Pediatrics ↓

► Norgestrienone medicine for Adults :

S.No Ailment   Route   Dose Min   Dose Max   Unit   Dosage   Frequency   Additional Info
1 Oral contraceptives Oral 350 micrograms Tablet Dose: Given daily

Ref :-  Book : Martindale    Page : 2330   Edition : 37,

For Pediatric :
S.No Ailment   Age Min   Age Max   Weight ( Kg ) Route   Dose Min   Dose Max   Unit   Dosage   Additional Info  

Ref :- Book :    Page :    Edition : ,
►  Side Effect : gastrointestinal disturbance, changes in appetite, changes in weight, fluid retention, oedema, acne, Chloasma, allergic skin rashes, Urticaria, mental depression, Gynaecomastia, changes in libido, hair loss, Hirsutism, fatigue, drowsiness, insomnia, fever, headache, premenstrual syndrome-like symptoms, altered menstrual cycles, irregular menstrual bleeding, Alterations in the serum lipid profile, amenorrhoea, Pain, diarrhoea, Flatulence, breast tenderness, spotting, Breakthrough bleeding, ,
Ref :-   Book : Martindale    Page : 2330,2333,2263,2275   Edition : 37,

►  Interaction : Carbamazapine , Griseofulvin , Phenobarbital , Phenytoin , Rifampicin ,
Ref :-   Book : Martindale    Page : 2330,2332   Edition : 37,

►  Contraindication : It should be used with caution in patients with hypertension, cardiac or renal impairment, asthma, epilepsy, and migraine, or other conditions which may be aggravated by fluid retention. Norgestrienone can decrease glucose tolerance and diabetic patients should be carefully monitored. They should also be used with care in persons with a history of depression., It should not be given to patients with undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, nor to those with a history or current high risk of arterial disease and should generally be avoided in hepatic impairment, especially if severe. Unless norgestrienone are being used as part of the management of breast or genital- tract carcinoma they should not be given to patients with these conditions.,
Ref :-   Book : Martindale    Page : 2330,2333   Edition : 37,
  ►    Mechanism of Drug Drug Interaction :  Enzyme-inducing drugs such as carbamazepine, griseofulvin, phenobarbital, phenytoin, and rifampicin may enhance the clearance of norgestrienone. ,
Ref :-   Book : Martindale    Page : 2330,2332   Edition : 37,

  ►  Mechanism of Action :   Progestins enter the cell and bind to progesterone receptors that are distributed between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. The ligandreceptor complex binds to a progesterone response element (PRE) to activate gene transcription. The response element for progesterone appears to be similar to the corticosteroid response element, and the specificity of the response depends upon which receptor is present in the cell as well as upon other cell-specific receptor coregulators and interacting transcription factors. The progesterone- receptor complex forms a dimer before binding to DNA. Like the estrogen receptor, it can form heterodimers as well as homodimers between two isoforms, A and B. These isoforms are produced by alternative splicing of the same gene.,
Ref :-   Book : Basic & Clinical pharmacology    Page : 723   Edition : 12,

Dietary Products that produce same effect as  Norgestrienone

►   Route of Elimination :   NA

►    Plasma Half-life :   Min value :-   NA    Max value :-   NA

►    Peak Plasma Concentration :   Min value :-   NA    Max value :-   NA